Installation instructions

Installing from a ZIP file which has been downloaded from the Internet:

1. Download the ZIP file to a temporary directory (My Documents?)
2. Unzip the contents to the same folder, using right click and then Extract all
3. Double Click the ‘Application’ file which will load the screensaver onto your computer
4.. You can alter the settings for the screensaver at any time later.

To change the appearance of the saver, do the following:-

1) Start Control Panel, by clicking the Start menu and selecting the Settings menu item
2) Double click the Display icon
3) Click the Screen Saver tab
4) If Sharpe is the current saver go to 6
5) From the screensaver list, select Sharpe and click Apply
6) Click the ‘Settings’ button to display the configuration dialog
7) From this dialog select the effect, speed, volume etc.
8) Click OK to save the current settings or Cancel to abandon
9) Click the Preview button to see the saver in action

Customising the screen saver

The screen saver can be customised in a number of ways:

The speed of the effect can be changed
Slides can be displayed in a random order
Random effects can be chosen
The sound clips can be turned off
Sound clips can be played in a random order

You can add your own images and/or RealAudio sound/music clips if you so wish.