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      The Sharpe Appreciation Society was formed in 1996 amid

    growing demands from fans wanting more information about

    the books, TV series, the people involved in making the series,

    the Napoleonic period, weaponry, in fact anything remotely

    connected with Sharpe.

          After finding there was no central point of contact for fans

    the late Chris Clarke, then Secretary, made contact with

    Richard Rutherford Moore (historical and technical advisor to

    the Sharpe series) and wrote to the author Bernard Cornwell    

    as well as Malcolm Craddock, one of the producers.

          With Richard Moore's help Chris started the fan club in July

    1996 expecting 50 - 100 fans to join her. At it's height the Society

    had 4000+ members world-wide. In May 1998 the Society held

    it's first convention, where we were joined by Bernard Cornwell,

    Malcolm Craddock, Muir Sutherland, and some of the Actors

    involved in bringing the world of Sharpe to life. It said a lot for

    the passion held for Sharpe by the fans as well as the Actors who

    continuously came along to various events to meet fans.

          We are still the official fan club, approved by the author,

    producers, Carlton Television and Central Television.


Today:    END OF AN ERA

  Unfortunately, today, The Sharpe Appreciation Society can no

  longer support a 'membership' as we are no longer able to

  provide the services that would be expected.

      For the members, particularly those overseas, the main return

  they got for their money was the quarterly 'Bulletin' and this is

  no longer in production.  We feel that with no new Sharpe books

  or film productions, the content for the Bulletin is not available.

       The Society will continue to have a website to keep fans in

  touch with any possible future developments, links to other

  Napoleonic related sites etc and we still have various Sharpe

  related items of 'merchandise' for sale (Click the Merchandise link).










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